Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Birthday Bonfire

Celebrating life.

Family traditions.
The birthday bonfire.

Intense heat, unbearable brightness, indescribable color. 

A million brilliant sparks.
Wild, passionate, untamed.

We bask in the glow as cold, dark night grudgingly yields, cowering helpless amongst the pines.

We celebrate life!

Flames dance. Gyrating wildly with unbridled passion.

Drawn like moths to the flame, longing to join the dance, we craft a surrogate. 
Fly, my fragile paper creature! 

Find the updraft! 
Soar! Dance!

Live life to its fullest!

Burn brightly!

We celebrate life, and love, and the joy they bring.

We celebrate family. 
Mom and Dad.  
The love they share. The love they give.

 Sharing laughter. Sharing tears. Sharing it all across the years.

The children laugh. They shout. They play. 

Storing memories they'll recount for their own kids some day.

The family gathers.

Light in the darkness.

Happy Birthday!

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