Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Duck Bill Pitcher

A.R. Cole was a master of clay. No form defied him. His children were likewise talented, and a number of skilled journeymen turned wares destined to bear his stamp as well. Countless thousands of pieces in hundreds of forms bear the stamp, A.R. Cole, Sanford, N.C. A relatively small number of these also bear a form number. 

Arthur Ray assigned these "catalog" numbers to assist in the placement and fulfillment of large orders.

This "Duck Bill Pitcher" represents form number 192.

Same pot, different face. The fire tempers each side differently. The rate of heating and cooling affects the crystallization in the rutile glaze referred to as Crystal Green. The variability of this glaze from kiln to kiln and pot to pot contributes to its popularity among collectors.

Here at Hoot Owl Harmony, we'll endeavor to bring you more tidbits from Sanford's historically significant pottery tradition from time to time, including additional glazes and catalog numbers. Stay tuned...

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